lunes, 30 de enero de 2017


The main idea of our project was to design a slogan to show different ways in which water is used. We designed pictures to go with our slogans, inside a huge drop of water, and pasted them onto a card.Then, we added some photos related to water and its uses like: drinking, washing, cleaning, painting, cooking etc. 

We talked about the importance of water in our daily hygiene routines to keep us clean and healthy. 

We have learnt that every single drop counts and we have done some fun exercises about this, imagining what could happen if we ignore leaks in our houses. 
As planet Earth is vital for us, we watched a video about the pollution in oceans and seas and we came up with some ideas to reduce pollution.

Now we know the importance of water and how to use it properly in order to sustain our planet.

Yes, we care. 

Eva Furió
English Department

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