martes, 13 de junio de 2017

Who said learning irregular verbs is boring?

It is really hard work for our students to learn irregular past tenses by heart. When they are asked to learn the past simple and past participle of irregular verbs they usually take the long irregular verbs list and try to do their best memorising it, but sometimes with little success. How could we make this monotonous task a little bit easier? Domino game can be helpful. The rules are easy: the first student who uses all his/her cards in the domino ‘snake’ wins the round.

We proposed the game to our 6th Year Primary groups and we realised that they were learning, spending a great moment in class and helping each other at the same time. Without noticing, our pupils learnt the famous ‘three columns’ by playing the board game and having fun. However, luck and strategy played an important role too. Not always the best players are the luckiest or the other way round! We still have a lot to practise!

Cristina Cutanda
English Department

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