jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015


Our 2nd and 3rd Year Secondary students, with the help of 1st Year Bachillerato, have done a very interesting project trying to find spelling mistakes in their daily life. They were very enthusiastic when looking for them, as they had to have their eyes wide open while they were surfing the internet (YouTube translations, Instagram comments, film subtitles, etc.) or when they were just walking around the streets and saw misspelled boards, signs or real printed mistakes. 

As if they were real detectives, when they found one mistake they took a photo with their mobile phones or iPads, and collected as many pictures as they could. 

Thanks to this experience, some students have a more critical idea of the world we live in, and some have changed their mind about some of the t-shirts they wear or some YouTube videos which they noticed were full of spelling mistakes or bad translations. “The mistakes have always been there, but now I’m more aware of what I wear or see on the street” said one of the students.

Now we have a very interesting and funny display. Take a look!

Cristina Cutanda
English Department

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