lunes, 26 de marzo de 2018

Competent learners

Besides learning the contents comprised in the syllabus, our students are constantly developing the basic competences that will make them better learners for life. Recently, in the 2nd Year Baccalaureate English class, students embarked on a project that involved most of the seven key competences included in the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. 

Students created a poster which reviewed a music festival held in 2017. They used their communicative competence throughout the process, especially when they presented their results in front of their peers and answered the teacher’s questions. Their mathematical competence was used in the design of the poster, in deciding how much information to write in each category or how much space to take up with festival images.

The learning to learn competence was applied when organizing the information they found online into the sections that the review had to feature; and to obtain the information students used their digital competence to go online in the iMac room and find the details of the festival. They worked autonomously during parts of the process and used their social and civic competences for those parts in which they had to cooperate with the members of their team. Finally, since most of the festivals they selected take place in English-speaking countries or feature English-speaking performers, students were also exposed to the cultural and artistic competence.

It was a motivating project that had students engaged in creating a product about a topic of their interest. Throughout the experience they used English meaningfully and in a realistic way. 

Who knows, perhaps some of them will want to be music critics or festival organizers, and at School we try to give them the tools to be able to pursue their dreams in an ever more globalized world.

Javier García
English teacher

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