miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016


1st Year Primary students have learnt about the five senses in their English lessons. In order to know and recognise them, they have done different tasks such as singing The Five Senses song, a gesture game and making a classroom poster in which they had to classify an amount of printed pictures.

However, the most incredible way that students can use their senses is in The Jungle Experience. They visited this amazing place where they could carry out diverse activities related to sight, hearing, smell and touch. They played with our new magic sand and they walked on a soft, hard, flat, rough and straight path (touch), they guessed fruit smells (smell), they observed different images about senses (sight), they listened to some musical instruments (hearing) and they used some unbelievable kaleidoscopes (sight). They loved going to the Jungle!.

María Pilar Mocé Malo
English Department

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