miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016

Christmas adverts

Every year some of the world’s most famous brands and companies make special Christmas adverts for the season. Some are funny, some make us cry and some have a great story with unexpected wonderful endings.

In 1st Year Secondary we have been analysing these adverts in order to make our own. We saw four very different adverts which we later compared and contrasted together. After that, we decided on the most important elements of those adverts, got into groups of four or five and started writing our script.

We decided that the most important element was the lesson that we learnt by the end of the advert. Some of the lessons we most liked were; Christmas is for being with family, the best gift is being together, and sharing is caring. So it was crucial that our stories also had an important Christmas message at the end.

We hope that your Christmas is filled with stories like ours!

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Alessandra Bell
English Department

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