lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Practice Makes Perfect

In our English lessons in Bachillerato, we try to go above and beyond the syllabus that our students need to master in order to pass their university access tests. Even though the Reválida exam only includes a reading comprehension activity and a writing one, in class we work on the students’ speaking and listening skills, and cover a variety of topics which we believe will be useful in their future.

Nevertheless, it is our obligation to prepare them as well as we possibly can to take their access tests, since these will in some measure determine their future career. In this regard, this week we have been using YouTube videos as a resource in class.

The Universidad Miguel Hernández in Elche has a very good channel in which their professors give advice to students on how to choose option A or option B in their Reválida exam and then provide tips on how to solve each part of the test.

We played a video in class based on the 2015 English access test and pupils took notes on how to best approach each task and on how they would be graded. The group chose to work on Option B, and when they had finished the exam, they swapped exams and peer-graded their tests while watching a second video in which the UMH professor explained what the correct answers were and how to assess each section of the test.

It was a great addition to the normal preparation we do in class for their access exams, and it helped students to see the process from a different perspective. It is always good to learn from professionals.

Javier García

English teacher

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