lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017


What does curiosity mean to you? This is the question we used to start our English lesson some days ago and it made our pupils think for a while before introducing them to a new activity. Students came up with several ideas and after a short discussion, we all agreed that curiosity was, in general terms, an eager desire to learn or know about anything, but a bigger problem came when they were asked how to represent curiosity in a picture.

It was in that moment when we introduced them to the Cambridge Photography Competition that allows students to give their imagination free rein and use English to describe it afterwards. Motivated by their bustling thoughts some of them decided to have a go and take part in the competition. They had to take a curious photograph, although there was no need to know a lot about photography. They only needed to have a mobile phone or something to take a photo with and be creative when writing an English description of the picture that stirred curiosity among the audience.

They loved the activity and did their best, so as you can see, they have done their part and now it’s time to wait for the results. However, there’s something we can do for them.

Let’s vote for their ‘CuriosiPics’! (

Cristina Cutanda

English Department

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