lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017


In 1st Year Primary, since the first day of school, students have been learning the alphabet but in a way in which they have never learned it.

The first day they discovered that every single letter has a name and also that they have their own sound (phonic). Furthermore, we saw how the composition of letters can make new sounds, sometimes a little bit tricky, or that there are words called tricky words, which are a bit naughty and try to confuse us because they are read in a different way as the letter sounds.

So in conclusion, we have been working with Jolly Phonics, where with songs, games, movements and sounds, 1st Year Primary students are learning how to read, write and talk properly in English. And the most important thing is that they are learning it while having a lot of fun!

Furthermore, pupils have been working on a phonic film where all the students are teachers: the alphabet, phonics (sounds of the letters), how to read properly using phonics, the magic e... And with all the effort we have put into it, now, everyone is able to see this magnificent production and learn English with 1st Year Primary students.

Hope you enjoy it as we have enjoyed making it!

Jesica Simó López-Maroto
English Department

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