lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017


This term in 4th Year Secondary, we are learning about different types of holidays (‘niche’ travel, ‘flopout’ beach holidays…), specific vocabulary about locations and future forms. 

In order to put all these contents into practice, our students, in pairs, took turns to ask and answer questions to find out about their partner’s interests and hobbies, the type of accommodation and transport they prefer when they visit other places or the things they don’t enjoy doing while on holiday.

Taking into account all this information, they designed the perfect holiday for their partner and presented it to all the class. In their presentations, they used future tenses and included the name of the holiday, its length and location, the means of transport used, the accommodation provided and the main activities offered.

After the presentations, their partners told the class if they had liked the suggested type of holiday and gave reasons for their opinions. 

Eva Pérez
English Department

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