martes, 21 de marzo de 2017


Have you ever tried making music with glasses filled with water? You can play your favorite songs with water glasses turned into instruments! 

How does it work? The glass with the most water will have the lowest tone while the glass with the least water will have the highest tone. Small vibrations are made when you hit the glass with a stick; this creates sound waves which travel through the water. More water means slower vibrations and a deeper tone, while less amount of water means faster vibrations and a higher tone. 

MATERIALS you will need:
  • Drinking water glasses (or glass bottles) – one per student 
  • Water 
  • 7 or more different color paint – one for each note
  • Wooden sticks such as pencils
  • Music sheet of a known song - one copy per student
  • Karaoke/Instrumental version of the song as accompaniment
  • Video camera
  • Student evaluation sheet

INSTRUCTIONS for the project:
  • Practice the song (singing only) with and without accompaniment. Each student sings one note only! 
  • Line up the water glasses and fill them with different amounts of water in order to get the correct pitch for each note. 
  • Put a drop of paint of a different color in each glass. 
  • Practice the song (playing) with and without accompaniment. Each student plays one note only! 
  • Record a video of the song using the karaoke/instrumental version as accompaniment.
  • Show the video to the class. Each student has to evaluate his/her own performance and the group´s overall performance using the Student Evaluation Sheet. 
This activity guarantees a fun and motivating experience for your class!

Alina Pele
Music Teacher - Primary and Secondary

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