lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

Learning the parts of the human body

In English and in Social Science, 1st Year Primary students had learned the parts of the human body, but in English we have been able to review them all together as a team.

Using different students as models, first they made the shape of a person on a card, including all the details, such as the toes. Moreover, one by one, each student wrote the parts of the body.

After this, we played two games; in the first one, they had to find on the mural a part of the body that another student had chosen and said. In the second one, a student pointed to a part of the body on the mural and their partners had to say the name of that part of the body. In both games the students swapped roles among them.

This was a fun way to review and secure their learning in a cooperative way, involving them in their own learning.

Jesica Simó López-Maroto
English Department

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