lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016


Since it’s near Halloween our students from 5th and 6th Year Primary have been having some fun in the art room working on a special project. They have made “Sugar Skulls” which are a symbol of the Day of the Dead following the colourful Mexican tradition.

During this project, we have not only learnt about Sugar Skulls, we have also learnt about different drawing techniques, patterns, radial symmetry, bi-lateral symmetry and colour!

We started drawing a symmetrical Sugar Skull, then we drew the details and coloured them. Finally, we added flowers, especially marigolds, as they are a big part of Day of the Dead. The results were fantastic and all the students enjoyed this colourful activity.

Now we are off to decorate the school with our Sugar Skulls!

Happy Halloween!

Belén Mut Casanova
Primary Art Teacher

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