viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016


Children love playing chatterbox and we have made one for Halloween time!

To play, you just have to hold the game and ask your friends to pick a character, spell it out while you open and close the center, then ask them to pick a number from the ones shown, open and close while you count it out. Finally, repeat and pick one more number and open to reveal something silly for you to do.

Some of these funny things are : do your loudest scary laugh, fly around the room like a witch, walk like a mummy, make noises like a ghost, say “trick or treat” five times fast ! 

Later, we have played in the playground the games organised for this day like : dance choreography, candy toss, broom obstacle race, and tug of war. We have taken pictures of Halloween costumes too. 

In the classroom, we have shared some sweets with our friends. 

Everybody has enjoyed it . It has been a great day!

Eva Furió
English Department

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