miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

A School with Magic

On Saturday 5th November, our School held a very important event, our first Open Day of this academic year, a day when we get together to share our work with our students and their families.

This time, we decided to show them all the magic in everything we do. The different School departments created stands where our students, in a globalised way, could enjoy the different activities we had organised for them. 

The English Department opted for the Magic of Augmented Reality. We believe the combination of modern languages and the latest technologies is possible, and, the truth is, our library became a space full of animals and planets in three dimensions. 

The kids had a wonderful time exploring its different corners searching for their favourite animals as well as the components of the solar system, and for us, the real magic was to see their amazed faces. They were magical!

Eva Pérez
Secondary & Bachillerato teacher
English Department

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