viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

3, 2, 1… ACTION!

Our 6th Year Primary students became actors and actresses for a day. After reading the story The Table, the Donkey and the Stick in class, they were told to work in small groups to perform their own version of the play. They loved the idea, so they immediately started working and organizing themselves.

It was great to see how they worked as a team and managed to create such amazing results. They adapted the story to include some dialogues so they could use them on a theatre play. Some of them added a narrator voice too. They thought about the set and props, and decided about a director. After some rehearsals everything was ready and it was the moment to see the results. 

We turned the class into a stage and...3,2,1...Action! We had so much fun and we all learned a bit more about the theatre world. Who knows? Maybe we have a future famous actor or actress among us. We will have to wait to see that!

Cristina Cutanda
English Department

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