viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Spooky Kooky Halloween

Children in costumes, a torch in one hand, holding their partner’s hand with the other. The room is dark, the music is spooky, blinking Jack’O’Lanterns in the corner. Here and there eyes, twinkling in the dark. A spider appears, then a witch and Frankenstein. But... How did it come to all that? 

It started when the children began to make their Halloween crafts. Bats, pumpkins and two kinds of monsters have been the chosen ones this year. Once finished, they were proudly displayed outside the classrooms and thereby sounded the bell for the Halloween week. We took a ride on a broom with little room, wiped our wands with Winnie the witch and witnessed how monsters, werewolves and ghosts might be real, but not at all scary. We took a journey with Piglet, Pooh and Tigger through the sometimes horryfying celebration of Halloween, sang Abracadabra wizzy woo and danced a rattly skeleton dance. 

All that charged the air with Halloween energy and led us to the highlight on Friday; We took a walk through the Halloween tunnel. Our so well-known audiovisual room had turned into a dark space. We entered in small groups and discovered lots of creepy, crawly, spooky, kooky objects. Eventually the exit was opened and we finished our journey. After calming down we had lots of fun at the Halloween party in the afternoon, with games, prepared by our older fellow students and a special tea with magic milk. One can say that the bar is raised for next year’s celebration!

Nicole Wohlwill
English Department

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