lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2015


Students in 4th Year Primary are working on different types of coordination. One of these types is eye-hand coordination. Its main goal is to make sure our vision works in unison with the delicate motor skills of our hands and fingers.

In groups, we did a five-exercise circuit based on the the manipulation of objects: throwing them, catching them, striking them. We even did some work with balls of different sizes and colours! The exercises were the following: throwing a basketball, steering a small ball with a hockey stick, throwing rings onto a cone, throwing a frisbee and hitting a tennis ball with a racket. 

Each group practised each activity for five minutes until all of them were done. The objective of this activity was to develop and enrich students’ reaction time.

Mission accomplished! 

Begoña Bravo
Dpto. Educación Física

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