jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Using comics for revision!

Last week we have been practicing the Present Simple in 5th Year Primary. To consolidate our grammar and revise for our evaluation exams, we paired up and practiced questions with 'do' and 'does' about our daily routine.

We found out lots of interesting facts about our day to day lives, the times when we do things, what we do after school, what we enjoy doing on the weekend..

With the information that the pairs found out about each other, they used a fun, free app called ''Comic Seedling Comic Studio'' and made their own comics about their partners. On the app they could add photos, write speech bubbles and add stickers making the comics very different and wacky!

To finish up, we projected our comics in class and did a mini presentation on our partner's day. It was a really fun way to revise!

Alessandra Bell
English teacher

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