jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Do You Remember?

One of the first outside-the-box activities that we have done with 2nd Year Bachillerato this school year involved vocabulary and memory. In the first unit, they learned vocabulary about animals, natural habitats, endangered species and threats to the environment. To finish off one of the classes, I showed them a word cloud with many names of animals, some of them unusual and not included in the vocabulary of the unit, such as ‘newt.’

I left the word cloud up on the board for one minute and students had to memorize as many names as possible, without writing them down. Then they had a moment to make a list of as many animals in the word cloud as they could remember.

We had a tie, as Rubén and Abraham both remembered 13 animals, and they scored a positive each. As we counted them, we went over those names that were less common and made sure everyone in class knew their meaning. It was a nice unusual way to learn vocabulary.

Test yourself, see how many you can remember!

Javier García
English Department

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