miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2015

Making new friends

As we are so curious and we want to learn a lot, we have started knowing our school better and we have discovered new and exciting places.

We have had a great surprise when we have seen what there is behind a big door. It is the Minizoo and there we have met some special "friends" which will always be waiting for us.

When we have come in, we have seen a tarantula, a stick insect and some crickets. But, after that, we have found bigger animals such as hamsters, fish and even turtles. What we could never imagine was what we have found just under one of the aquariums... a rabbit! There was another one looking at us by a corner. Their names are Peluchito and Tambor and they are very soft. We have really enjoyed trying to catch them but there is no way because rabbits are very fast.

There are also many different types of birds and we have been able to listen to them chirping. What a wonderful noise they make! All of us are amazed to see that spectacular mixture of colourful feathers: green, yellow, orange... 

We love them all and we won't take a long time to come back and visit them again. See you soon dear friends!
Carmen García
Infants Teacher

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